Rent Out a Room in Your Home for $600/Month

Do good and earn money at the same time.

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Open Up, Inc.

Rent is unaffordable for thousands of hard-working people across Colorado.

As rents continue to rise, more and more people working full-time jobs fall closer and closer to experiencing homelessness. Through Open Up you can share a room in your home for 6 months to give a neighbor a chance to thrive!

Open Up matches employed adults in career development programs with home owners who generously rent out a room in their home for $600/month for 6 months.

When people have access to stable and affordable housing, they are able to focus on their other goals for self-sufficiency.

Open Up, Inc.
Open Up, Inc.

Open Up works hard so you don’t have to.

Open Up works hard so you don’t have to. Open Up extensively screens tenants and presents potential matches to you based on your needs and preferences. Helping out a neighbor doesn’t have to be hard. Renting out a room doesn’t have to be hard either.

How it Works

  1. Apply to share your home through our simple application.
  2. Interview with Open Up so that we can fully understand your living space and your preferences for a housemate.
  3. Meet potential housemates with Open Up staff who have been vetted through a background check, interview, and referrals by trusted partners.
  4. Match with a neighbor who also chooses to match with you.
  5. Thrive as Open Up provides you with the tools to set up a lease and supports your housemate in their housing and economic stability goals.

Our Promise

Every step of the way is ‘opt-in’ for everyone involved. You’re never stuck.
Our matches are fully vetted. No surprises!
Our staff provides conflict management support as long as tenants are in our program. We are here for you!

Successful Matches

Open Up, Inc.

John, Kimberly, and John

John (left) is pursuing a career in veterinary medicine and is matched with John (right) and his wife, Kimberly, who use their home to build community and help provide an affordable option for their neighbors.

Open Up, Inc.

Dana, Christine, and Kathryn

Kathryn (left), a CNA and student, and her daughter are matched with Dana (right), Christine (not pictured), and their family, who are excited to share their home for the first time.

Open Up, Inc.

Joan and Mikayla

Mikayla (right), a first generation college student, is matched with Joan (left), a homeowner and business owner who enjoys sharing her home with young people pursuing self-sufficiency.

Free Resource

7 Tips for Preparing Your Home and Yourself for a Housemate

It may have been many years since you last lived with someone who wasn’t a family member. You have more life experience now and an investment in your home.

  • How do you protect your investment while still being generous? How do you build new relationships with people who may have walked a completely different life path than you?
  • Open Up is here to walk you through preparing for a housemate so that both you and your housemate can thrive!
Open Up, Inc

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